In the world of urban video and film production Margo Wainwright is an architect in the cultivation and development of the urban visual arts. A pioneer in urban music video, Margo has worked with some of the most influential musicians, directors and style makers in the music industry.

A New York City native, with her feet firmly planted in the pop culture scene in the lower east side of Manhattan, Margo was destined to pursue a career in the arts. Margo immersed herself in urban music scene where she sharpened her instincts for urban culture and the video arts.

Soon after, Margo left Howard University to pursue a once in a lifetime opportunity at Def Jam Records. With a roster of Hip Hop, Pop and Rhythm and Blues acts at her disposal, Margo became one the most talented film and video producers in the urban music industry.

Seventeen years and over 700 videos later, Margo is just beginning her journey. Her ability to recognize, develop and break tomorrows new talent is what has separated her from others in the market. From the set to the screen, Margo brings an invaluable wealth of knowledge, creativity and authenticity to every project she undertakes.


Every neighborhood has a story……..a story that needs to be told through an authentic lens. MW GLOBAL will represent the next generation of creative minds bringing those stories to life… We will be the platform for those artists who are committed to cultivating their craft as well as elevating urban visual arts…”


Margo Wainwright