Diane Martel

Margo is a exec producer of the highest quality, she knows innately what the project needs and she guides it with a steady hand. Her taste is spot on, her reactions always right. she is a joy to work with when our Neyo video lazy love, needed some final edit changes, Margo went in without me the with editor to work on it. I didn’t mind. This says it all Margo is the only commissioner that actually understands the market. She understands the market from both the point of view of upper management and the fans. Margo lets people direct and only steps in when something feels wrong. She is always right about what is wrong margo chooses directors that she knows are right for the job, and like a great exec producer sets them free to create, stepping in when something is off the mark. Margo is the one commissioner whose eye I trust, her understanding of her artists needs is impeccable.”

Diane and Margo’s Video Picks